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Welcome to FBS's web site. Our interest is in the future, because we are all going there. It is our sincere desire to provide our browsers ( aka customers) with a knowledge base that helps organize your ATM business.
About FBS

FBS is a Florida based Corporation,certified to provide "Turnkey" Construction Services for the Financial Services Industry. These Services focus on all areas of construction, electrical, voice/data communications, signage, bank equipment, ATMs, rigging, preventative maintenance, warehousing, inventory control, and consulting. Through the delivery of first class products and services, at a fair price, and focusing on our customer needs and requirements, we have been able to develop long term mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships have rewarded us by contributing to nearly 80% of our annual revenue.

FBS has built a reputation as the Leader in the Financial Services Industry for ATM and associated equipment installation, project management, construction, and electrical, voice and data installations. By combining our company resources to deliver "Turnkey" solutions, our customers can realize a more efficient streamlined approach to ATM deployment. Managing an ATM installation can be complicated. FBS Project Management schedules the processes and eliminates missed rendezvous or worse the expense associated with that miss.

Permitting is time consuming, but when required FBS project management takes ownership of the task. FBS can survey the proposed site, discuss and recommend ATM placement to maximize visibility, place the ATM order and have it delivered direct to one of our 4 warehouses. Our technician will stage your ATM and upon installation, bring your ATM online. We will complete the job with thorough operations training.

Mission Statement

To be a recognized Leader in the Financial Services Industry by exceeding our customers' expectations and delivering superior, cost effective products and services.